Kiev, Ukraine. An attack on a Polish school is being blamed by Poroshenko Administration officials on “Russian aggression,” but Poland is noticing that for a country no bigger than Ukraine, it is funny the “Russian aggression” is often targeted at Poland and not Ukraine.

Ukrainian police in Mostyska said that a window was smashed and two plastic cans containing an unknown liquid and an ignited material were thrown into one of the school’s rooms on Tuesday night, Radio Poland reported.

The Polish foreign ministry announced, “No one was harmed in the incident and the relevant Ukrainian services have already taken steps to explain the circumstances around the incident.” The Ukraine state-school in Mostyska runs classes in the Polish language and programs for ethnic minorities.

Thankfully school vacation in Ukraine started on May 27 just a few days ago. The school principal said: “There are no ethnically-based clashes here,” adding that there had not been similar incidents in the school’s 15-year history.

This is the latest in a string of attacks on Polish sites including monuments and diplomatic posts in the Ukraine. Kiev condemned the earlier incidents and suggested that Russia could be behind the attacks, despite having no evidence of that being actually true.

In surely unrelated news, Kiev has re-named Moscovsky Prospekt to Stepan Bandera Prospekt and Vatutin avenue in Kiev was renamed Shukhevych Avenue. Both legendary figures in the Ukrainian “Polish tolerance” movement.

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