Brussels, Belgium. Fairly sure of himself, George Soros made it clear in Belgium today that the kind of America Donald Trump wants to build would be an enemy of the European Union, but most importantly Trump “can’t do it” according to George Soros.

George Soros said Thursday the European Union is in an “existential crisis” and needs to be reinvented in the face of growing threats. “The reinvention would have to revive the support that the European Union used to enjoy,” the Hungarian-born Soros said at the Brussels Economic Forum.

Such reinvention would have to review the past and explain to European citizens what went wrong and then make proposals to make things right. Of course Soros had no intention of including his own questionable conduct in overthrowing European nations, manipulating economies for massive profits or in sponsoring mass waves of migration that have destroyed the character of Europe over the last 3 years.

Soros welcomed a German idea to cut European funds aimed at reducing income inequalities at the regional level for those countries disrespecting the rule of law. When Soros says “disrespecting the law” he really means disrespecting Soros.

Both Hungary and Poland, which are recipients of European Union aid funds, have been criticized by European institutions for their weak standards with regards to the rule of law. Absolutely true, both have resisted Soros sponsored plans that will take tens of thousands of homeless, uneducated and islamic radicalized migrants and place them in Hungary and Poland.

Soros said Europe needs to overcome the current “existential crisis” by fighting together against the rise of anti-European sentiment, xenophobic feelings and surrounding “hostile powers.” Translation of this is Western liberal-democracy is the only way to govern, forced migrant influx is good and Putin is bad.

“Putin’s Russia, Erdogan’s Turkey, Sisi’s Egypt and the America that Trump would like to create if he could, but can’t,” the US financier added when talking about hostile powers. Forgetting somehow that his US passport does not give him a license to meddle, interfere or overthrow nations wherever he goes.

He called for an update of European treaties to make the EU work better and allow a “multitrack” bloc where countries would have a wider variety of choices when it comes to integration.That “multikulti-multitracki” already has plans for putting over 100,000 uninvited African immigrants in the Baltic States. Soros lobbied for even more to go to Poland until they were ready to leave the EU over the matter.

Only in Ukraine did the “Soros Plan” of importing 200,000 plus middle eastern immigrants gain traction. In exchange for cash payments from the EU to the Porosheno administration, Turkey will ship the migrats directly to Odessa and from there be settled all across Ukraine, with many to be settled in the Donbass region, once hostilities there are ended, according to Alex Soros, the next generation on the way to help humanity.

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