Serbia will never slap sanctions on Russia and will remain militarily neutral, Foreign Minister and Acting Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2017).

“Russia and Serbia are traditional friends and allies. We will continue moving in the same direction,” Dacic said.

“Serbia will never impose sanctions against Russia, this is not only political but a moral issue for us,” Dacic stressed. “We will remain friends forever,” he added. “Serbia won’t change its policy of military neutrality,” the foreign minister said.

The top diplomat went on to say that Serbia’s decision not to back the anti-Russia sanctions is a moral choice, and Belgrade will uphold this position.

“Serbia is one of a few, or even the only, European country that did not join the sanctions against Russia,” Dacic said. “This is neither a political, nor an economic issue for us, but a moral one. We have unique relations and we will uphold this position in the future.”

The country is looking to enhance cooperation with Russia in the energy and trade areas, he went on. 

“Serbia wants to step up cooperation with Russia in the energy industry, to boost trade as well as to increase the list of goods, and finalize the implementation of current and launch new infrastructure projects,” he said.

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