Poroshenko, Nazis, Booze and a dead director

Kiev, Ukraine. Another “close personal friend” of Petro Poroshenko was helped on his way into the next life a couple of days ago. He is not the first caught up in Kiev’s anti-corruption war to satisfy the masters of America and EU, while protecting the main hog in the pig pen that Poroshenko built.

Viktor Pankov was shot dead in a quiet area of ​​Kiev on the morning of May 30. An unknown person shot him in the back from a car. Pankov was shot 3 times, and died at the scene, his killer amazingly escaped. Pankov had recently met with American FBI Agents in Kiev, looking for a way out of Kiev, in exchange for testimony against Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

The police are working out several theories of the murder. One of them is Pankov’s work as a former head of the Ukrainian National Alcohol control board. During the past few years, Pankov worked as an advisor to the head of Ukrspirt.

Ministry of Internal Affairs official, Anton Gerashchenko, said that Pankov often got into scandals related to the sale of illegal alcohol. As early as 2015, Ukrspirt officials said that dozens of criminal cases had been filed against the enterprise, and that they did not rule out that Pankov” might” be involved in them. Gerashchenko suggests that the murder of Pankov is related to his work, with somebody “wanting his mouth closed, before he started talking to the corruption police at NABU.”

Working for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Pankov became Deputy Director of Ukrspirt more than once. Market experts say that he was part of a scheme by which money was laundered through this company for the Poroshenko team.

After the US color revolution , Pankov did not just stay in office, but in December 2014 he even got an appointment to act as chairman of Ukrspirt. At that time, his predecessor, Mikhail Labutin, was informed of suspicion of financial fraud in the amount of $7.63 million dollars.

Labutin was “hospitalized” in one of Kiev’s hospitals, where unknown people in camouflage uniforms came and kidnapped him. Later it became known that Labutin was taken out of the hospital by soldiers from the Nazis in the Aidar volunteer battalion allegedly “in connection with information about an upcoming attempt on his life”. In January 2015 Labutin was declared wanted by Interpol.

The company Ukrspirt is one of the most “mysterious” in Ukraine. One journalist claimed that industry observers talk about the Poroshenko crime family control of the Ukrainian alcohol market, over which the state supposedly “lost control.” Experts say that in the shadow scams around Ukrspirt, millions of dollars were and are being diverted to Poroshenko offshore accounts.


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