Neo-Nazis, who recently captured the Lviv regional council and arranged a rowdy there, is evidence that Ukraine is plunged into chaos due to the weakness of the central government. This conclusion is reached by political experts interviewed by the “Moscow Komsomolets”.

“A small spark is enough to cause severe conflicts with the use of weapons inside the country. The incident in the Lviv administration is the first swallow that should make representatives of the authorities and Petro Poroshenko to think. As you know, a number of the so-called volunteer battalion, fighting in the Donbass, now obeys Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. In addition, at the moment in Ukraine there is a split of political elites into several camps, and between the key figures of the Ukrainian government a concrete confrontation has begun. We can expect that such threats and recommendations will be implemented by the radicals. They will continue to break into other regional councils and authorities, arranging unrest there.

However, this trend is natural, because Petro Poroshenko several times demonstrated his weakness over such shares. The best example is the blockade, which was approved by the authorities with violations of Ukraine’s laws and constitution,” political analyst Denis Denisov told. 

In turn, the director of the Ukrainian politics foundation Kost Bondarenko called the Lviv trickery childish, which “can not be commented positively from a political point of view.”

“This is one of the manifestations of the chaos that has overwhelmed Ukraine,” the political scientist added. – If you look at the photos, you can see that most of the participants in the action did not even come of age. They are not a serious political force, but Ukraine will still be feverish for some time from similar groups that are trying to promote their ideas and practices. By these actions they just want to show that they have fists and they can impose their point of view, not giving a damn about the laws. Now, before our eyes, there is a test of the state and the authorities for strength. “

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