Ankara, Turkey. Apparently hosting a NATO summit is a lot like hosting the olympics, only in this case, everybody else is trying to have it anyplace but where your at, if your Turkey.

The majority of European countries are leading a campaign to block Turkey from hosting the NATO summit in 2018. In the same way nations lobby to have say the olympics or a corporate convention, so too do NATO members and nobody likes the Turks.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan invited the leaders of NATO member countries to Istanbul for the 2018 summit during their meeting in Warsaw in July 2016. The leaders from most all nations, had informally agreed at the time.

Now comes news an American General NATO told News Front; “We do not want to enhance Turkey’s international credentials and we certainly want to completely avoid the impression that NATO supports the Turkish government’s internal policy.”

NATO meets in June to finalize the location of next year’s summit but Germany, France, the Netherlands and Denmark are said to be “vehemently” opposed to the summit being held in Istanbul. After just beating a number of Americans up in Washington and being asked to physically remove US Special Envoy McGurk from Turkey, America is not highly excited about Turkey as a choice either.

Brussels reported yesterday that 18 EU countries along with Canada will fight for Belgium to host the 2018 NATO summit instead of Turkey. NATO is currently locked in a major buildup against imaginary “Russian aggression” in the east of Europe, while yet again getting sucked into occupation duty in Afghanistan, by American forces.

Palpable friction between Turkey and EU states flared earlier this year when some European countries prevented Turkish officials from campaigning in their country. The decision prompted a harsh response from President Erdoğan who accused one of the countries, the Netherlands, of showing “Nazi” tendencies.Turkey is considered a key ally in the Syrian US plans and essential to holding back millions of migrants ready to invade Europe, if Turkey does not interdict them.

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