London, United Kingdom. The western press is doing all it can to destroy Theresa May ahead of the UK general elections, in a last desperate attempt to head off a Brexit any way possible. But if not possible, then crippling her and making the Brexit as difficult as possible upon May and the British people.

British PM Theresa May is urging voters to back her plans for Brexit amid further signs of trouble in her General Election campaign.The YouGov poll for The Times put the Tories on 42%, down one point since the end of last week, with Labour up three on 39% and the Liberal Democrats down two points on 7% level with Ukip.

Prime Minister May, who was ridiculed by opponents after refusing to take part in a major TV debate on Tuesday night, will suggest there could be a “brighter future” for the UK if there is a good deal with the European Union on the Brexit divorce.

Jeremy Corbyn, her opponent in the race for Number 10, will also be campaigning on Brexit, buoyed by an opinion poll which suggested the Tory lead had been reduced to just three points.

To refocus the Brexit as the heart of the General Election campaign, May will use a high-profile speech in the North East of England on Thursday to set out her vision of European Union withdrawal as a stepping stone to a successful future for the United kingdom.

“This great national moment needs a great national effort in which we pull together with a unity of purpose and however we voted in the referendum last June, we come together with a determination to make a success of the years ahead. The brighter future we want for our country will not just happen.” May has said.

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