The troops of the Kiev regime opened fire on representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross and residents of the village of Prishib of the Slavyanoserbsky district during the distribution of humanitarian aid.

Representatives of the ICRC, with the participation of the delegate of the organization in Ukraine, Australian citizen Michael Pimble, the ICRC representative in Lugansk, Walter Gross, and six volunteers in four official vehicles, took the Red Lyman-Znamenka-Prishib route for delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid to local residents. They brought food and humanitarian kits.

In the village of Prishib, a humanitarian convoy and a group of local residents of up to 30 people were mortar-fired by Kiev troops. At the place of issue of humanitarian aid, about 2 dozens of 120-mm caliber were produced.

Employees of the international organization immediately left the settlement.

It is interesting that the shelling of the Red Cross mission took place in the same area where the Ukrainian punitive forces fired the OSCE mission. At the same time, both the Ukrainian authorities and Western representatives tried to hide the fact of the shelling.

Also, the sources put forward a version that the bombardment of the mission could have been stipulated in advance, then to accuse the defenders of Novorossia. By the way, on Ukrainian websites, Michael Pimble is called “representative of the Red Cross for working with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and security agencies of Ukraine.”

However, numerous witnesses of the incident – the residents of Prishib said that the bombardment was conducted from the side of the Three-Headquarters, where the Ukrainian units are deployed.

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