Orthodox Church says fight gay marriage

Moscow, Russia. In moves designed to underscore the differences in the Russian way vs the western liberal-democratic way, Russia’s Orthodox Church has made it clear that marriage between anything other than a man and a woman, is a crime against God, nature and life.

Russia’s Orthodox Church said Monday that laws legalizing same-sex marriage are as immoral as those passed by Nazis in Germany. Patriarch Kirill, the highest religious authority in the country, claimed that legalizing gay marriage runs contrary to the fundamental moral fabric of society and should cause people to revolt.

“So-called homosexual marriages” threaten family values, he was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti and News Front. He added that “when laws are detached from morality they cease being laws people can accept”—as, he said, was the case in Nazi Germany. Patriarch Kirill was speaking in Kyrgyzstan while promoting his new book, titled Freedom and Responsibility: In Search of Harmony.

In 2013, Kirill first said that legal recognition of same-sex marriage was a “very dangerous sign of the apocalypse.” In Europe and the United States, 13 countries legally recognize same-sex marriage. In Russia, however, a law was signed in 2013 making it illegal to distribute what it deems gay “propaganda.”

“This new trend poses a significant threat for the existence of the human race,” before adding: “Our prayers and our work are so that humanity lives on and follows the principles dictated by our moral nature.” The holy leader pronounced.

Large numbers of Western persons of faith are seeking information on relocation to Russia, following westerns moves to legitimize homosexual marriage and adoption of children by gay couples.