Konstantin Knyrik: Ukraine has never met any international norms

Konstantin Knyrik: Ukraine has never met any international norms

The recent appeal of the so-called head of the Ukrainian “Institute of the National Memory of Vladimir Vyatrovich” to the population of “independent” to break all contacts with relatives in Russia, seems, very soon will begin to be implemented at the legislative level. What obviously should be helped by the initiative of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov on “declaring family ties with the aggressor country”.

Being the generator of almost all Russophobic and anti-Russian ideas of the current Kiev regime, Turchinov wants to oblige Ukrainians to fill in special forms about relatives living in the territory of the Russian Federation. And, with such details as the number, the degree of kinship and even their location.

The fact that the Turchinov’s initiative diametrically disagrees with the European brotherhood values, can not embarrass anyone in Kiev.

This was told in an interview with the Free Press by the head of the News Front news agency Konstantin Knyrik.

“Subnational entity Ukraine” has never met any international standards. Neither from the point of view of its appearance, nor from the point of view of the involvement of some territories in this particular territorial formation. And this bill, it is quite logical. Because today the global goal of subnational entity, which is called Ukraine, is the only one – to be an irritant and enemy of everything Russian.

In order to accelerate this process, we need everything Russian and what reminds of Russia, our joint history, our joint culture, that we are one nation, to be forbidden, or made it as inconvenient as possible. History and historical memory were already banned there. Language – banned. Social networks too. The last link that has remained is a kinship.

This ties, of course, can not be forbidden. Hence, according to their logic, it is necessary to make it as uncomfortable as possible.

Of course, a person who is forced to report having relatives in Russia will feel at least uncomfortable. I understand when such questions are asked by future intelligence officers. It’s logical – to know about the presence of relatives in another state.

And then everyone should report whether he has relatives in Russia or not. And if they have it, they can blame it. And to punish. For example, do not take on civil service.

That is, to create the most uncomfortable conditions, so that people would cut off these contacts. People will simply be afraid to call their relatives or friends in Russia,” the head of News Front believes.

“Everything is possible in Ukraine today. A man, say, goes to a rally against the war, and he is jailed for allegedly interfering with the activities of the AFU. This is specifically the example of Eduard Kovalenko in Kherson. He held anti-mobilization rallies – he was given a five-year sentence.

An important point about which I keep talking: people who are now in charge of this territory, fiercely hate all those living in this territory. American and European curators consider them their enemies, because they know that they are also Russian.

They absolutely do not care about the conditions, the availability of freedoms, and the wealth with which these people live. They would be much more comfortable if they all died out. What is happening there now. All their actions are just aimed at creating an enclave of Russians who hate Russians,” he concluded.


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