Calais could descend into violence this summer as hundreds of migrants try to sneak into Britain, a French official has warned, just six months after the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp was closed.

With conflicts and political instability still blighting the Middle East and Africa, and the British authorities being criticized for failing to offer asylum seekers safe and legal passage, the pull factors bringing migrants and refugees to the French coast have not changed.

Migrants scattered around France are returning to Britain’s doorstep, where they are joined each day by fresh arrivals, many of whom, after months of traveling, are unaware the ‘Jungle’ has been torn down.

President of the Regional Council of Hauts-de-France Xavier Bertrand wrote to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to warn him that the “situation has become worrisome again.” He said something must be done to combat people trying to reach the UK.

In a letter seen by the Express, Bertrand says: “I am regularly alerted by road hauliers who are seeing an upsurge of degradation on their trucks.

“Every day residents, elected and business leaders express their concerns about the return of migrants to Calais.

“The risk is very real. The security forces are not able to prevent migrants present near Calais to prepare their attempts to intrude in the port or tunnel in order to reach the UK.”

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