Damascus, Syria. The Syrian Assad government has sent an official request to the United Nations demanding the western coalition stop attacking Syrian territory on an uninvited basis.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has sent letters to the UN Security Council which again call for an end to the “illegal actions of an international coalition led by the United States” in the country, according to state announcements.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry, in two letters sent to the Secretary General and the chairman of the UN Security Council, condemned the coalition’s air strike on Friday on the residential quarter of Al-Mayadeen in the province of Deir Az-Zor in northeast Syria which killed scores of local residents.

Further reports state that the Syrian Foreign Ministry is calling on the Security Council to implement the resolutions on the sovereignty of Syria, as well as to stop the illegal actions of the American coalition.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry thinks it necessary to consider the actions of the coalition as contradictory to the UN Security Council resolution, international law, and international humanitarian law. Damascus stressed the aggressiveness of the American coalition’s actions, which supports those who “only want to kill innocent Syrian citizens.”

The letters emphasize that some Western countries, which are permanent members of the Security Council, influence the council in making decisions regarding the Syrian crisis.

According to the Syrian Foreign Ministry, the “misleading methods” of countries such as France, Britain and the USA are the main reasons for the continuation of the crisis in Syria, and the policies of neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, contribute to the escalation and support of terrorism, “the same terrorism which has become the focus in other countries, for example, the latest acts of terrorism in Manchester, United Kingdom.”

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