North Korea sends missile into Japanese territory

North Korea sends missile into Japanese territory

Tokyo, Japan. Having been bombed twice with atomic weapons, residents of Japan are inclined to take the North Korean threat more seriously than others. Now late word comes a North Korean missile was launched and has landed in Japanese territorial waters.

The ballistic missile forces of the DPRK have carried out a missile test yesterday, firing a short-range nuclear capable missile almost 300 miles into the waters of Japan’s economic zone raising the public panic level in Japan.

North Korea’s missile was launched from the coastal town of Wonsan, landing about 200 nautical miles off the Japanese coast, said Tokyo’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Sugga.

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in response to the test: “North Korea’s provocation by ignoring repeated warnings from international society is absolutely unacceptable.”

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Sugga added that officials would discuss North Korea with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s senior foreign policy adviser Yang Jiechi who just arrived in Tokyo.

Pyongyang has conducted nine ballistic missile tests this year, including one in which four missiles were launched on the same day. US President Donald Trump has now sent a third US Navy Aircraft carrier-the USS Nimitz, to Korea, with a promise to, “end this once and for all shortly.”

The North Korean media made no immediate comment on the test, releasing a statement that accused Seoul and Washington of “aggravating the situation” on the Korean peninsula by conducting joint military drills and other “reckless acts, the workers state will not be intimidated by imperialists.” the statement concluded.


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