Montenegro prank exposes real anti-Russian hate

Moscow, Russia. A pair of pranksters have again caught a world leader off guard and discovered a lot more about Russians relations with the nation of Montenegro, than many would like to know.

News Front now has a complete record of conversations that took place between Dusko Markovic and former President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic.

Thinking that they were talking with the president and prime minister of Ukraine Poroshenko and Groysman, the country’s leaders have revealed their true intentions to the Russian prankers Vovan and Lexus.

In particular, in these conversations the leaders of Montenegro explain why they did not go to a referendum on the country’s accession to NATO, which was opposed by many of its citizens, and also how they are going to press the opposition.

In addition, Markovic and Djukanovic directly admit that they intend to blame Russia for the problems of Montenegro in particular and the Balkans in general.

In a confidential conversation, the leaders of Montenegro and “Ukraine” discussed their private commercial interests, not at all embarrassed by the fact that such agreements clearly break a number of international laws.

The day before it was reported that Markovich accused Russia of interfering in the internal affairs of the country because of its desired accession to NATO. In addition, the day before – after being included in the list of persona non grata persons in Russia Miodrag Vukovich was deported from Moscow, the Montenegrin Foreign Ministry then handed a note of protest to the Russian ambassador.

The Russian Foreign Ministry commenting on the wave of this anti-Russian aggression from the leaders of Montenegro advised Russian tourists to “think twice” before going to this country because of possible provocations.


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