Paris, France. Sounding like a broken recording of Angela Merkel, the man now in charge of France is pushing the Minsk agreements as the solution to the Donbass war. No doubt to a very bemused Vladimir Putin, who must be realizing the liberal democracies tied to Minsk, are truly insane.

President Emmanuel Macron is seeking to hold a new round of talks on Ukraine in the Normandy format and warns Russia of possible new sanctions, that’s according to his comments to the reporters during a joint press conference with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Versailles on Monday.

“In terms of the Ukrainian situation, we’ve spoken at length on various aspects, on putting into place the Minsk process,” Macron said after the talks, adding that both France and Russia were eager to re-engage shortly in a dialogue in the Normandy format. Macron also stressed his desire to “have access to the report of the OSCE on structurally important aspects in the region.”

Unclear to analysts familiar with Minsk is how Macron can truly think this will resolve the situation to France’s, Washington’s or even Kiev’s satisfaction. The agreement requires a full pardon for all persons in the Donbass, autonomy for the region from Kiev and for all foreign troops (US NATO-etc) to leave the Ukraine-not just Donbass.

President Macron spoke of his desire to see the Minsk Agreements fully implemented, which he believes is the only way toward de-escalation in eastern Ukraine. “I confirm to you at this stage I have suggestions that don’t exclude escalation but that’s not my hope,” Macron said. “What I’d like is through the Minsk agreement to find a solution.”

This of course overlooks the desires of the residents of Donbass themselves. Independent polls have consistently had votes of 90% plus for integration with the Russian Federation and a number of state sponsored measures along these lines are already underway in the Donbass Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

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