Montenegro has once again accused Russia of interfering in internal affairs. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro Srdjan Darmanovic. According to him, opposition forces are associated with Russia, which oppose the country’s entry into NATO.

The Democratic Front reacted to this provocative statement.

“It’s about the usual stupidity and provocation of the conflict with Russia,” one of the leaders of the opposition Democratic Front, Milan Knezevic, told News Front. – And it involves Srdjan Darmanovic, who in Montenegro is known as a Soros’ protege. So all this is done by the order of Soros, and also by Brian Yee (assistant to the US Assistant Secretary of State, who recently visited the Balkans – Ed.).

This is an anti-Russian campaign that goes against the citizens of Montenegro and relations between countries. They are trying to justify themselves for shameful decisions before the population, such as voting in parliament on joining NATO and imposing anti-Russian sanctions.”

Commenting on accusations of opposition ties with Moscow, Knezevic reminded that the DF has a signed memorandum with United Russia and conducts joint events. At the same time, he noted that even earlier the same Democratic Party of Socialists signed the same memorandum, but for some reason nobody accused it of working for Russia.

“Our relations are at the diplomatic level. We agree on some things, such as Montenegro’s entry into NATO, anti-Russian sanctions and relations between Russia and Montenegro, but we never concealed it, it’s our position, not something coming from Russia. “

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