Kiev, Ukraine. Today, Ukraine did something that in many parts of the world might be seen as an act of war, they invaded the offices of a Russian corporation doing a “dynamic entry,” in the name of looking for evidence of “treason.”

SBU or Ukraine’s intelligence agency has burst into the offices of a Russian-based technology company known as Yandex on suspicion of treason charges.

Yandex offices in Kiev and Odessa were searched on Monday as part of an investigation into potential treason charges, according to a spokeswoman for the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) intelligence agency.

Yandex, also known as the Russian Google because of its Russian-language optimised search engine, is a private company which began as a start-up in 1997.

The search follows condemnation and aggressive action towards Russian-based businesses and individuals earlier this month by the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko. These “sanctions,” included shutting off internet access and communications for millions upon millions of Russians and Ukrainians that use social networking sites, news outlets and internet services.

Mr Poroshenko expanded sanctions adopted in reaction to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine in their efforts at integration with the Russian Federation.

The raid on the Yandex premises is the latest signal of escalating suspicions towards the Russian private sector in Ukraine. Earlier this month, the SBU blacklisted Russia’s Yulia Samoylova from performing during the Eurovision Song Contest after the singer toured Crimea following its annexation. The Bulgarian contestant also visited Crimea, but he was allowed to compete, as he was under 18 at the time.

Researchers have argued that there is growing evidence the state security apparatus in Russia is using existing criminal networks in Europe to pursue the Kremlin’s alleged agenda of destabilising Europe. Political analysts say Europe has destabalized itself by importing millions of refugees and supporting the Americans who create the refugee problems with wars of resource rape globally.

The press attache at the Ukrainian embassy told News Front that it does not comment on ongoing police investigations.

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