“When the Second World War began in 1939, Hitler accused Poland of aggression. So, the accusations of Montenegro are equal to those accusations that Russia is interfering in its affairs,” says Igor Damyanovic, a journalist from Podgorica.

We see impudent interference in all areas by the United States. Recently – in the election of the editor-in-chief of Radio and Television of Montenegro. US Assistant Secretary of State Bryan Yee demanded that the opposition to return to parliament. The European Union actually led the referendum on the separation of Montenegro from Serbia (in 2006, – Ed.). Thus, this is a constant and lasting intervention from the West.”

Commenting on the incident with the detention of Montenegrin politician and member of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists Miodrag Vukovic in the Moscow airport, Igor Damyanovic said that by their reaction the elites showed their understanding of international relations and politics.

“For several years now, Dmitry Rogozin and some Russian deputies have been banned from entering Montenegro. This is an act of the Russian side’s response,” believes the journalist.

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