Savchenko abandons Crimea to a Russian future

Kiev, Ukraine. In a stunning defeat to western supporters of Kiev, MP Nadia Savchenko now says Crimea is gone for the foreseeable future, but that Donbass can be returned by negotiations.

The remarks came during a Kiev television interview, where Savchenko says the only way to get back Donbass is to give up Crimea-at least temporarily, but for the “near future.”

“As for the peaceful measures and Russia failing under pressure of sanctions… Crimea will have to be left aboard. It will have to be left out, at least for some time – the issue will not be solved in the near time,”Savchenko said.

Member of Parliament Savchenko added that the “occupied” areas of Donbass could be released by means of peaceful negotiations. This came as quite the surprise in Donetsk and Lugansk, where not only are integration conferences with the Russian Federation are being held, but suddenly Russian investors are showing up in great numbers offering to buy apartments, property and businesses.

‘Whatever my fellow MPs are saying, we will have to pass on keeping Crimea. It can be viewed as the “non-recognized occupied territory,” like that of Transnistria. In order to prevent Donbass from becoming another Transnistria in Ukraine, we’ll have to leave Crimea “occupied,” and then it will be possible to retake Donbass. I don’t see that happening any other way,’ the lawmaker forecast.

Large numbers of heavy military equiptment are being brought up to the Donbass line of contact by the Kiev regime. Military intelligence officials are aware that Kiev plans a major attack in early June upon Donbass.