Beijing, China. The communist government of the People’s Republic of China has seen enough of America’s system of those who go into government, then out into corporate jobs and make huge payoffs for taking advantage of the system. Now they are ready to stop it.

Chinese civil servants will face new restrictions when changing jobs as authorities move to prevent them from using official posts to make personal profit, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday.

Those in leadership positions or at the county level and above will not be allowed to work in businesses or for-profit organizations related to their previous administration for three years after resignation.The moves are designed to slow down numbers of Chinese making quick massive profits, then leaving for the USA, Canada or Europe.

Lower-level civil servants should also follow the rules, but with a limit of two years, according to Xinhua. So-called red-collar jobs are considered stable careers with generous benefits, especially those based in major cities and economically developed regions.

The competition for such jobs are notoriously intense, pushing Chinese to lengths that are bringing the need for corrective measures, before the situation gets out of hand as in the USA, where “crossing the line” is often key to a person being a millionaire or simply thinking about being one.

Corruption while in Chinese government service is a death penalty offense, as opposed to the USA where it is rarely prosecuted anymore due to the blurred distinction between where government ends and corporations begin.

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