Moscow, Russia. More air strikes in Syria have left more civilians dead, as the endless American & “coalition” bombing continues.

Twenty civilians died in Syria near the city of Rakka during an air strike by an international coalition led by the United States, the Syrian news agency SANA reported, citing a local source.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has sent letters to the United Nations demanding to stop the coalition’s actions.

According to reporters, on Saturday evening, aviation struck a number of safe areas, which drove citizens out from Rakki.

The international coalition led by Washington has not yet commented on the air strike

The coalition strikes air strikes in the area of ​​Rakki to support the ground operations of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF), consisting of Kurdish and Arab detachments financed by the CIA. Damascus considers SDF actions illegal and does not work with the orgainzation.

Every day hundreds of people leave the besieged city. According to Kurdish sources, tens of thousands of refugees from Rakki are already in SDF-controlled areas.

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