Washington, DC. Donald Trump may wish he stayed in Europe, as the Ukrainian bought “KREMLINGATE” scandal continues to hound his administration into paraysis-its intended Kiev directed goal.

Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey continues to reverberate in the KremlinGate scandal, which threatens to consume the Trump administration. By abruptly removing Comey, then not simply saying he had no confidence in the man, he has made his own road more difficult.

The real reason Trump fired Comey, is because he knew the man was a hold over, or left over from the corrupt Obama administration. An administration that recieved millions of dollars in kickbacks from oligarchs in the Ukrainian government, taking the USA to the cleaners on foreign aid, that stays foreign-right into off shore bank accounts from Panama to Israel and every place inbetween.

But cashiering Comey was insufficient. True to form, Trump seemingly took the offensive against the Ukrainians. While in public he has said the USA is standing by Kiev, in private it has been, “How quick can we kick these assholes to the curb?”

Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, mingled with other heads of state in Italy at a G7 meeting, prior to his Moscow visit asking, ” I don’t get it, why is Ukraine so important?”

Ukraine is important to America’s Congress and Senate. The last sevral years America has pumped between $300-$500 million dollars a year into Kiev to keep the whores we bought in power. A percentage of that gets kicked back to members of the Ukrainian congressional caucus and senate caucus, all the time.

So Trump has a Russian problem made in the Ukraine. The media strategy to paint Trump as a Russian agent plays well to American audiences that were already upset over Trump’s election and congress does its part preventing any of Trump’s measures for better US-Russian ties from ever gaining traction.

But heres the thing; Trump is still President, he can go around whoever he wants to. Just like the King on a chess board, Trump can move to any space near him, he can’t go long distances all over the board, but one move at a time and hes ok.

The US is now slitting the throat of Petro Poroshenko ear to ear with a fountain pen. The US giveaways are being replaced by loans, money will be available on a greatly reduced basis. Accountability will be higher than ever, it’s why there is a FBI field office in Kiev, and you thought it was there to help Kiev? Oh you don’t know America very well if you believe that.

Americans can be slow, but taking them for stupid has been the end of many a regime and enemy, just read any history book.

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