The Russian Defense Ministry released footage on Saturday showing the strikes carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces on May 25. The airstrikes destroyed more than 120 Daesh militants trying to escape the violent group’s self-proclaimed capital city of Raqqa in Syria.

The terrorists were eliminated by Russian airstrikes while fleeing from Syria’s Raqqa for Palmyra, according to a source in the Russian Defense Ministry. The source revealed that the convoy of 39 pick-up trucks armed with large-caliber machine-guns was heading out of the city.

“Russian unmanned aerial vehicles have been deployed around the clock over terrorists’ possible escape routes. Russian combat aircraft, special forces units also take part in preventing attempts by Daesh terrorists to leave Raqqa for Palmyra,” the source stressed.

The US-led coalition also reported on Friday it had conducted nine airstrikes on Daesh militants in Raqqa, destroying six fighting positions, three vehicles, a tactical vehicle, and a mortar system.

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