Dublin, Ireland. In a situation a great writer of fiction could not make up, catholic majority Ireland is about to elect an openly gay national leader of asian heritage, who want to spead the LGBTQ agenda across all of europe.

Heavily catholic Ireland appears set to elect its first openly gay prime minister next week. Leo Varadkar has built a wide lead in the race to succeed Enda Kenny, who announced his departure after serving as the country’s premier for more than six years.

Irish homosexual groups are already pushing his sexual preference as a “plus” for Ireland,”Having a government minister who is openly gay was a welcome development, and it’s a really positive sign of how attitudes have changed that a gay man is now in the running for Taoiseach,” said Paula Fagan, national coordinator for Ireland’s LGBTQ Helpline, a group that provides support to the country’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Just two years ago, Ireland legalized homosexual marriage when 62 percent of voters in a nationwide referendum cast their ballots in favor of defining marriage as a legal union between two people, regardless of gender. Ireland became the first country in the world to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote.

The gay activist Varadkar is currently the Minister for Social Protection and is the favorite to replace Kenny as both the Fine Gael party leader and the head of government. If elected, he would also become the country’s first leader of Asian immigrant descent and, at 38, the youngest person to hold the office.

At the time of the homo referendum campaign, Minister Leo Varadkar gave a groundbreaking interview on national radio, in which he publicly came out as a gay man. He has proclaimed his intent to export the LGBTQ agenda to nations across europe and the globe.

Varadkar has been highly critical of Russia’s anti-gay policies and hopes to “confront” President Putin about gay rights and the treatment of Chechnya’s gay population, that he has encouraged to come to Ireland, “and live happily ever after.”

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