Kiev, Ukraine. Documents are emerging that implicate Ukrainian oligarch and Poroshenko partner Dmitry Firtash in trying to bribe US Justice Department officials, including FBI Director James Comey into declining prosecution of his person and Arseny Yatsenyuk on corruption charges in the United States.

The Ukrainian oligarch, Dimitry Firtash, spent almost $800,000 on lobbying on behalf of trying to avoid prosecution of himself and Arseny Yatsenyuk in the United States, as outlined in secret FBI documents recently hacked by CyberBerkut

“Dimitry Firtash had transferred $800,000 to the account of influential, as he believed, US members of Congress two weeks before the presidential elections in the United States. By that time, Firtash had already spent $1,645,000 on their services,” the documents say.

Also specified in the secret documents that the FBI believes Lanny Davis has lobbied the interests of Dimitry Firtash. “Davis is a political expert, publicist, lobbyist and Special Counsel to former President, Bill Clinton. Davis was entrusted with bribing select members of the house and senate, in desperate efforts to avoid prosecution on pending corruption charges Firtash has outstanding in the USA.

In 2016, Davis used Bill Clinton to access Attorney General Loretta Lynch, with the idea of pulling Comey off the Ukrainians busy bribing US congress. Firtash signed an agreement with the Davis group on advice of Arseny Yatsenyuk. “The service package included legal representation, investigation, and collection of evidence in favor of the defense and correction of inaccuracies and distortions in the media concerning the pending federal charges against the Ukrainian oligarch. The cost of this package was $100,000 per month.” the FBI documents reveal.

The attempts to bribe FBI Director Comey by Davis cost the Group DF (diversified international group of companies of Dmytro Firtash) over $1.5 million dollars. “In addition, Davis obliged Firtash to pay an extra $250,000 for the consulting services of Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly, Paul Manafort,” according to the FBI papers.

Two weeks before the American presidential elections, the company of the Ukrainian oligarch transferred $80,000 to the account of Davis Goldberg & Galper PLLC, which was created by Lanny Davis only six months prior to this. It is unknown if the cash was intended directly for Comey or if it was additional “grease” for trying to get Lynch to clear Firtash and Yatsenyuk from federal charges, while America’s focus was on the national elections.

Other documents in the CyberBerkut FBI hack are related to Firtash’s corruption, Firtash is accused of paying a $18.5 million bribe in exchange for a license on the development of titanium deposits in India. The other documents concentrate on Poroshenko’s anxiety about being arrested by NABU or the FBI. His greatest fear, according to the documents, was being taken to the USA on criminal charges.

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