Pyongyang, North Korea. While the rest of the world nervously watches North Korean missile launches, a small group celebrates them. The men who build the missiles that guard the house of Jong.

North Korean citizens celebrate successful missile launches with the same three top and n scientists in the DPRK and now western intelligence agencies know how North Korea identifies the technical brains behind the brawn of the Pyongyang regime.

They are Ri Pyong Chol, a top air force general; Kim Jong Sik, a veteran rocket scientist; and Jang Chang-Ha, the head of the weapons development and procurement center of the DPRK, an ex-CIA source has confirmed.

Ri Pyong Chol is now deputy director of the Workers’ Party Munitions Industry Department, which oversees the development of North Korea’s ballistic missile program, according to the South Korean government and US Treasury office of foreign asset control, who added him to sanctions lists.

Kim Jong Sik, the DPRK rocket scientist, started his career as a civilian aeronautics technician, but now wears the uniform of a military general at the Munitions Industry Department, reporters citing CIA experts and the South Korean government stated here.

Jang Chang-Ha is the creative brains of the three, according to CIA officials. He is president of the Academy of the National Defence Science, previously called the Second Academy of Natural Sciences, according to the report. The science academy runs North Korea’s advanced weapons systems research and development, “including missiles and nuclear weapons”, the US Treasury said in its decision to blacklist Chang-Ha.

These are the men leading the DPRK to a nuclear defense future and causing Donald Trump and company to lose a lot of sleep as a global nuclear standoff continues, led by 3 little men, working on one big bomb.

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