Washington, DC. The US military was left with the word “idiot” stamped across its forehead as military officials called before Congress were forced to admitt the Russian Federation is neither financing or arming the Taliban forces in Afghanistan.

The director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said on Tuesday that while there were indications that Russia had offered some moral support to Taliban militants in Afghanistan, he had not seen physical evidence of a transfer of weapons or money.

“We have seen indication that they offered some level of moral support but I have not seen real physical evidence of weapons or money being transferred,” Marine Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart said at a Senate hearing.

US Army General Curtis Scaparrotti head of US and NATO international forces in Afghanistan said he would not refute reports that Russia was providing support, including weapons, to the Taliban was his testimony just last month before Congress, as now he is proven to be a liar by General Stewart’s testimony.

The American officials previously claimed that Russia was exerting influence on the Taliban and may be involved in supplying weapons to the militants.

The Russian Foreign Ministry dismissed the allegations as “fabrications designed to justify the failure of the US military and politicians in the Afghan campaign.”

The United States and NATO, under President Donald Trump are planning a larger Afghan occupation force of up to 50,000 western soldiers over the next year.

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