Ukrainian attacks on Hungarians real problem


Kiev, Ukraine. For some reason Hungarians think they are imune from Ukrainian ethnic-racist violence, those thinking that way know better after recent attacks in the border regions of western Ukraine.

The inhabitants of the border region of Ukraine were attacked by radicals, indignant at the appearance of signs in Hungarian. Western Ukrainians “tolerance” for other cultures is non existent to be frank and honest.

Deputy of the Hungarian National Assembly, deputy chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, deputy head of the faction “For a Better Hungary” (“Jobbik”) Marton Gengeshi commented on the attacks on Hungarian activists in the Transcarpathia region.

Kievs policy towards the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia is openly racist, cynical and infantile. If Ukraine does not recognize that it is a multi-ethnic, multi-confessional and multiethnic country, and if Ukraine continues this extremely arrogant attitude, which in the 21st century is completely unacceptable, then the Ukrainian politicians themselves are digging the grave of Ukraine as a national state, Gengeshi said.

He noted that Hungarians have been living on the territory of Transcarpathia for many centuries and earlier they were always allowed to speak their language.

Western countries are trying to enter Ukraine and integrate Kiev into their sphere of influence. But what we see is that Ukraine ignores international law and an international charter that protects the rights of national and ethnic minorities. This is outrageous, – the deputy concluded.

Just recently the neo Nazi Ukrainian radical group “Brotherhood” attacked people whom it considers Hungarian “separatists” for simply speaking their native language.


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