Trump intends to tough love Ukraine

Brussels, Belgium.The first meeting of Donald Trump, the President of the USA with Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council and Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission took place today on May 25.

Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council claimed that Donald Trump, the President of the USA has the same positions on Ukraine as the EU. Interestingly, towards Ukraine Tusk said that they follow the same stance with Trump but there are doubts that they have the same position concerning Russia

The pair discussed the Donbass conflict. According to the report of the White House Press Office, Trump confirmed the necessity to bring Russia to responsibility for its actions in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine and persuade Russia to implement the Minsk Agreements.

Promises by Donald Trump of a new pragmatic course in US foreign policy has began to be implemented. Subtle, but huge-Ukraine will be taking out loans from the US in the future, not recieving free money for nothing.

Additional confirmation of the fact has been received over the weekend. Speaking in Saudi Arabia during the first foreign visit, Trump said the United States are using the so-called principled realism strategy as the conceptual basis of its own foreign policy towards Ukraine in the future.

This strategy was outlined by economic experts in Donetsk, explaining Trump’s initiative to replace military grants with loans. These changes should apply to Pakistan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Brazil, the Philippines, Vietnam, and most importantly – to Ukraine.

America’s replacement of grants for loans will be only the beginning of a sad story for Ukraine, and the prospects for a meaningful strategic partnership between Kiev and Washington will go straight down the toilet as free cash ends, and a new era of responsibility that Kiev will have to follow starts.

The experts in Donetsk believe, we should consider the context, place and circumstances of this statement. The speech was delivered during the visit of a US President to strategically important Saudi Arabia, contained a large number of religious connotations and was accompanied by an extensive sales agreement with American weapons, signaling a significant increase in the weight of the word “realism” in this combination.

It is believed that the previous policy of the US administration, which spread democracy and got involved in regional conflicts around the world without clearly defined goals, suffered from a lack of this kind of realism. So what does this mean for Ukraine? we asked the Donetsk experts.

Kiev will focus on everything: they want the US to impose sanctions against Russia, Kiev wants to get NATO membership, weapons, more money and security guarantees. Kiev, who is a new government, in business for only 3 years now and in a state of near functional collapse from corruption, is not in a position to demand anything.

The US will support Kiev only to the extent that it meets their own interests. Until now, Kiev has been heading down the road like a drunk, living bottle to bottle, day to day. As a result Kiev has become simply a place to loose money, where bribes are the only way to get anything done. Not to mention major chunks of the population have broken away at gunpoint from the direction Kiev says it wants to go.

At this time, Ukraine is not a country with a future and every last person living in it knows this. America seems to have caught on to Kiev’s game and it will be a long, hard road ahead for the homeless drunk of Ukrainian policy.


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