London, United Kingdom. It is indeed strange that no sooner does Tony Blair “re-enter” British politics to “help” on the Brexit, that a major terror act takes place in the UK as NATO goes trolling for troops to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Tony Blair has yet to say anything about Monday’s suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. According to current reporting, the attack has been claimed by ISIS and was carried out by a number of attackers, some still being sought.

If Tony does speak, we can be certain he won’t mention one key fact: Before the 2003 invasion of Iraq led by America and the UK, he was forcefully warned by Britain’s intelligence services that it would lead to exactly this type of terrorist attack upon the British people, and he concealed those warnings from the British people.

Back in February of 2003, one month before the war began, the Joint Intelligence Committee of the UK and advisory body for the British Prime Minister on intelligence matters issued a paper titled “International Terrorism: War With Iraq.”

It warns attacks against Western interests elsewhere are also likely, especially in the US and UK, for maximum impact. The worldwide threat from other Islamist terrorist groups and individuals will increase significantly.

Blair’s original case for war, was most clearly expressed in his March 2003 remarks in the House of Commons, essentially turned all of this on its head. The possibility, Blair said, of terrorist groups obtaining WMD from a state like Iraq was “a real and present danger to Britain and its national security.”

Blair did not reveal the explicit warnings from that exactly this would happen. No, he told Dalyell, “Unless we take action against Al Qaeda, they will grow. That is why we should act.” Terrorist organizations wouldn’t be motivated, as the JIC had told him, by an invasion of Iraq, because their true motivation was that “they detest the freedom, democracy and tolerance that are the hallmarks of our way of life.”

Then exactly what British intelligence had predicted occurred. Fifty-two people were killed in July 2005 when four suicide bombers, three of whom were British-born carried out attacks on the subway and a bus in London.

Now England has the slaughter in Manchester. ISIS has declared that the attack was carried out in order to terrorize the invaders, and in response to their transgressions against the homes of the Muslims.

Eliza Manningham-Buller, head of MI5 at the time of the Iraq invasion, explained all of this with, “Our involvement in Iraq radicalized, for want of a better word, a few among a generation who saw our involvement in Iraq, on top of our involvement in Afghanistan, as being an attack on Islam.”

So for the million dollar question; did Blair read the intelligence, specifically the February 2003 paper on international terrorism?

Absolutely he was aware of it, Blair told the inquiry, “but I took the view then and take the same view now that to have backed down because of the threat of terrorism would be completely wrong.”

But of course this was just another brazen misrepresentation by Blair. He had not taken “the view then,” at least in public, that invading Iraq would increase the risk that Britons would die in terrorist attacks, but it would be somehow worth it.

The most plausible explanation of Blair’s motivation is simply that he was willing to sacrifice the lives of British citizens so that the USA could continue running the world with Britain being its pawn. A comforting thought, as he again becomes involved in English affairs on an international level.

The victims of the Manchester bombing, among them an 8-year-old girl, are the silent evidence of Blair’s real ability to lead England straight off a cliff for his American masters. Over 1 million Iraq citizens have died since American and UK intervention in 2003, and over 1 million refugees have flooded Europe in the last 4 years from the American led wars in the Middle East.

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