Brussels, Belgium. In what is possibly the lowest point in the history of NATO, the alliance in moves pandering to the totalitarian Poroshenko Administration, has agreed to support the Ukrainian internet ban.

The Ukrainian introduction of sanctions against Russian companies – specifically owners of social networks and search engines – is a matter of national security and one NATO will support, as stated by the Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Centre, Barbora Maronkova.

A number of laws were recently passed by Ukraine’s parliament and signed by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that block content, access and censor Ukrainian internet users of Russian ethnicity or Russian content.

“NATO analyzed these decisions by Ukraine and has come to the conclusion that this is a matter of security, not freedom of speech,” she said on Monday in Kiev, speaking at the International Forum “Communications Crisis: Communication and Content Security in Conditions of Hybrid Messianic Aggression by Putin’s Russia.”

According to Maronkova, “the high spirit of Ukrainian citizens is important in the struggle with Putin’s regime,” and civil resistance is the most powerful force for future victory, in particular in the information sphere of the global world. According to those intent upon free speech supression and state control.

She also assured the support of the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine for research by scientists of the Military Institute of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv on theoretical developments and practical implementation of communication and content security in monitoring everyday Ukrainian and Russian ethnic citizens living in Ukraine.

A number of international human rights and freedom of speech organizations have condemned the laws as “Orwellian, unfair and illegal” under international and United Nations conventions on Human Rights. Russia has filed a complaint with the WTO in first steps to legal action and the European Union is on record opposing the actions by Kiev.

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