Ukraine at bottom of toilet in corruption ratings

Brussels, Belgium. The chairman of the global anti-corruption movement of Transparency International, has expressed regret that Ukraine is not investigating corrupt activities by high-ranking officials, including representatives of the current Poroshenko government.

Ukraine received 29 points out of 100 in the corruption perception index for 2016. This is a disaterous result, because it gives Ukraine a rating of 131st place out of 176 countries, which means that Ukraine is at the bottom of the toilet when it comes to corruption, he said at a press conference in Kiev on Tuesday.

The experts of the organization believe that the most prominent case of corruption is the activities of current Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. People all over the world, like in Ukraine, expected a very strong reaction in connection with Poroshenko’s corruption to end the chain of impunity and that those people who were involved in his corruption would be punished, but in fact have not, he said.

At present here is no criminal case brought against Petro Poroshenko in Ukraine and there is no serious investigation of his corrupt acts. We were very surprised when we came back this time, and found out there is not a single case in court against Poroshenko about his corruption.

Ugaz said that proper work is not being done in this direction. There is impunity in Ukraine and this opinion was reported by representatives of Transparency International to the Prosecutor General and head of the NABU. At present there is no corruption court functional to hear a case against Petro Poroshenko, even if NABU agents did bring one.

In turn, the executive director of Transparency International Ukraine Yaroslav Yurchyshyn said that despite the launch of the electronic declaration system, no one has yet been brought to responsibility for untrue information in the declarations.

“It was promised to start a discussion on the anti-corruption court as a necessary mechanism of prosecution, taking into consideration the critical ineffectiveness of the judicial system in Ukraine. But it just never happens.” Yurchyshyn said.

The International Monetary Fund or IMF, has threatened to block all further funding to the Ukraine unless Kiev opens a functional corruption court to deal with the out of control corruption enriching the top of Ukraine’s political elite and destroying everyday Ukrainians lives.


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