The former president of Montenegro and the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Momir Bulatovich announced his decision to return to politics in order to fight the country’s entry into NATO.

“When I was in Moscow on Victory Day, I promised myself that when I returned to Montenegro, I would join political forces and movements that would fight peacefully and democratically with the shameful decision to join the North Atlantic alliance, since NATO is a military alliance that represents a modern form of fascism,” Bulatovich said.

According to the politician, joining the alliance has no benefits, besides the people opposed this decision. “Montenegro belongs to the anti-fascist bloc, at the head of which was and remains Russia, everything else is a transitory phenomena,” the ex-president believes.

At present, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization unites 28 countries and the open door policy is maintained. Among the candidates for joining NATO is Macedonia, and in 2008 in Bucharest at the summit of the alliance it was decided to launch the program for Georgia and Ukraine.

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