Washington, DC. He may be towing the neocon line and making money for American defense contractors globally, but make no mistake, Donald John Trump is politically a “dead man walking,” as a powerful coalition of Democrats and Republicans openly plot his ouster as President.

Donald Trump’s White House lawyers have reportedly started researching impeachment procedures should an attempt be made to oust Trump from the office of the presidency, according to staff sources.

President Donald Trump is facing scrutiny following reports that he attempted to pressure former head of the FBI James Comey to drop the investigation into his former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Two people briefed on the discussions reportedly told the broadcaster lawyers in the White House counsel’s office have in the past week spoken to impeachment experts to discuss the nature of proceedings, were they to go ahead.

Comey after a meeting with the president, recorded that Mr Trump allegedly told him, “I hope you can let this go,I need your help on this.” Reporters noted.

Congressional politicians in the US have been cautious around talk of removing the president from office, though Republican congressman Justin Amash told correspondents that if reports about the pressure proved to be true then it would merit impeachment.

Republican representative Carlos Curbelo compared Mr Trump’s alleged pressure on Mr Comey to the cases of obstruction of justice made against Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. “Obstruction of justice in the case of Nixon, in the case of Clinton in the late 1990s, has been considered an impeachable offence,” he told reporters.

Donald Trump is a man with a lot of problems, who will be very lucky to serve out his entire term without the fight of his life, should he choose to put up one. Some close to the President, indicate he is inclined to “simply pass the ball” to Vice-President Mike Pence and go back to Trump the citizen.

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