Kabul, Afghanistan. Recent violence in the center of American occupied Kabul, underscores that all is not the safe, comfortable modern land the main stream media trys to spin the war torn land as.

A German woman was killed and an Afghan guard was reportedly beheaded at a guesthouse after insurgents stormed the compound. A Finnish woman was also missing and likely kidnapped after the attack late Saturday in Kabul, local police said.

Security officials and foreign embassies have been warning that either the Afghan Taliban or foreign-linked Islamic State militias would probably stage high profile attacks in the capital as the holy month of Ramadan is set to begin this week in the Islamic world.

The Afghani guard at the guesthouse, which is run by a Swedish aid group, was reportedly beheaded, a method often used by the Islamic State and generally not practiced by the Taliban. Next, according to a spokesman for the Interior Ministry on Sunday, the attackers went to a second-floor room where the two women were asleep, shot one dead and abducted the other, a good looking Finnish woman from Helsinki.

The Security officials said two additional foreign women in the house were unharmed and that an intensive investigation was underway to find the assailants. The Finnish Embassy confirmed that a Finnish female citizen was missing.

Ground zero for the assault was a guesthouse operated by Operation Mercy, a Swedish aid and development charity believed to be a CIA front, and all of its foreign employees are believed to stay there. The local director of the group, Scott Breslin, told news services that the organization was holding a crisis meeting, and that counsellors were been flown in to talk to the distraught employees.

Neighbors said five strange foreigners lived in the guesthouse, dressed in modest Afghan clothing and spoke the Afghan Dari language. Which is why police suspect the NGO was not a NGO, but in fact cover for a CIA intelligence operation locally. There was some local speculation that they were Christian missionaries, but people familiar with the group described it as involved in intelligence gathering activity.

A number of missionary-run charities have operated quietly in American occupied Kabul for years and remain targets for Islamist extremist groups. Given all of their activity takes them exactly where foreign intelligence agents would go.

Operation Mercy’s website says that the group operates in Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa in projects that include aiding women and children. It lists prayer as one of its priorities to seek “God’s presence, blessing and involvement in our lives and work” but does not cite any specific faith. Experts say this is a standard “cover” for western NATO intelligence agencies.

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