Caracas, Venezuela. The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has a message for the American President Donald Trump; “Get your dirty hands out of here.”

President Maduro was referring to sanctions initiated by the United States and condemnation of his handling of internal dissent. The sanctions are aimed at a chief judge and seven other members of the Venezuelan Supreme Court. The US Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control froze any assets they might have in the United States, denied them entry into the country and prohibited US citizens from doing any business with those sanctioned.

“In Venezuela, there is a dignified government and we’re here on our feet. Get your filthy hands out of here, Donald Trump, get your dirty hands out of here, ” Maduro said in a speech carried on television in the nation. “Donald Trump, look in the mirror, at Michel Temer of Brazil. Whoever meddles in Venezuela gets into big trouble here buddy.”

The Venezuelan government accused the United States of intervening into their country’s internal affairs and seeking to further destabilize it. American State Department officials maintain they never intervene in other countries affairs, they simply provide unsolicited exigent assistance, with extreme vigor.

“President Trump’s aggressions against the Venezuelan people, its government and its institutions have surpassed all limits,” the statement said. “The extreme positions of a government just starting off only confirmed the discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, and genocidal nature of U.S. elites against humanity and its own people, which has now been heightened by this new administration which asserts white Anglo-Saxon supremacy.”

The protest leaders are “not interested in taking part in the elections when the situation is politically, economically and socially stable.”The main goal of the protests was to create “creating a mess in our society” and violently oust President Maduro instead of new elections, the head of the commission for the National Constituent Assembly Elías José Jaua Milano said.

Political experts continue to believe George Soros is behind the unrest and financing a color revolution in Venezuela in cooperation with American CIA efforts.

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