Washington-Pentagon. The United States is a nation that knows how to kill. They have developed it to an art with a terrible landscape as a finished product. In Syria the USA continues to use munitions and ordnance that once fired, still kills for decades innocent children and adults in the form of depleted uranium.

The US military confirmed that it has fired depleted uranium ammunition in Syria, after it had earlier promised congress the ordnance would not be used there. The Pentagon has confirmed its use on two dates so far. In both attacks, 5,100 rounds of 30mm radioactive ammunition were used by American fighter aircraft.

Governments are debating a UN General Assembly law against the weapons that kill and cause birth defects for generations long after being fired. Supposedly the Pentagon used the radioactive bullets on only two dates, but investigators think the Americans are lying and are encouraging Syrian Assad forces to test areas for radioactivity in the wake of American attacks.

Prior to the admission by the Pentagon of “glow in the dark ammo” being used, they had confirmed to journalists the aircraft would not be armed with depleted uranium ammo, stating: “US and coalition aircraft have not been, and will not be using depleted uranium munitions in Iraq or Syria.” Trying to explain the decision, the Americans claimed the ordnance was developed to kill tanks, of course forgetting Daesh forces do not have tanks in their rather limited arsenal.

The revelations of American use of radioactive ammo first came to light after an aide to Congresswoman Martha McSally (R. AZ) herself a former A-10 combat pilot, responding to a question from a citizen asking about such use. The Pentagon at first denied that the information was accurate, then confirming the information was indeed accurate, saying earlier denials were due to “an error in reporting down range.”

Americans are not simply confronted with more Pentagon lies to pacify citizens living “the good life” away from America’s wars of greed. They now know their government is intentionally poisoning the planet we all share to harm innocent people for decades in a sick strategy of third world population control. Using the leftovers of mans greatest achievement in science to continue the worst of behavior in men.

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