A Norwegian force has been deployed to Al Tanf border crossing in Syria after corssing from the Iraqi territory, Nalia Radio and Television reported on May 20, citing an Iraqi commander, Shakir Obeid. The Norwegian force deployed in the area is a part of the US-led coalition.

According to the report, the Norwegian force is there to “proterct” of the Syrian side of the border crossing after an ISIS attack in the area.

Earlier today, ISIS attacked the al-Waleed border crossing (the Iraqi side of al-Tanaf) and destroyed two radio stations used by the Iraqi army at the site. The Iraqi army repelled an attack, but ISIS terrorists were still deployed in the nearby areas.

The deployment of the additional US-led coalition force to the al-Tanaf border crossing cam after the US-led coalition air power bombed Syrian government forces advancing in the nearby area.

Thus, Washington and its allies are seeking to prevent the Syrian government from restoring control over the country’s southeastern border.

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