Kiev shuts off the water in Donbass without notice


Lugansk, LNR. Since the Donbass republics have gone their seperate ways, with a mind to integration with the Russian Federation, the Kiev regime has done its best to harm local residents anyway possible. And while the City of Detroit in America can not turn off the water without the United Nations going after them, here in Ukraine, nothing seems to stop Kiev from cutting off the water from local citizens.

Kiev has decided not to resume the water supply in the Lugansk People’s Republic. This news comes from the Poroshenko “Ministry for Temporary Occupied Territories” which states that this is impossible due to multi-million debts of local utility companies, they consider ownership of as the property of Kiev, not the republic its located in.

In Ukraine, the resumption of water supplies to the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic was called “impossible.” According to the “Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories,” the reason for this was the debts of the Popasnyanski Water Company.

The press service of the Kiev ministry department noted that the amount of debt for electricity is 145 million hryvnia. At the same time, the bulk of consumers of the water canal – about 400 thousand people – is located on the territory of the People’s Republic of Lugansk.

For a long time, the local water company provided water supply to consumers in multiple districts of Lugansk region, without receiving any compensation for its consumption. During this time, the company accumulated debts for consumed resources, including for electricity, the ministry press service claims.

As News Front previously reported, on May 4, Kiev reduced the water supply to the LNR from the Western filtering station by 85%, and after a day stopped supplying water to them completely. According to local press services, the termination of water to the region was without any prior notice.


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