Washington, DC. An American congressman’s account of FBI meddling in US-Russian relations from the Obama era shines a new light on how the Neocon faction in American government trys to kill better Russian-US relations, while continuing a cold war of their own design.

Back in 2012, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California, received a warning from the Obama administration FBI that Russian spies were attempting to recruit him as an “agent of influence,” reporters said yesterday.

The California Republican has long been one of the Kremlin’s most outspoken defenders on Capitol Hill. The FBI says that Rohrabacher was not believed to have been paid by Russia, nor is he considered to be actively working with Moscow’s intelligence officials. Rather, he was unwittingly being targeted as someone who could guide American policy in Russia’s favor.

Which begs the question, that if you are working against better Russian-US relations, and in the American government, openly recieving lobbyist cash from the Ukrainian government, for supporting it’s neo Nazi armed forces killing Donbass people-are you also getting FBI visits, for putting Ukraine’s welfare before that of the United States?

Rohrabacher confirmed the 2012 meeting in which, he said, an Obama administration FBI agent notified him that Moscow had “looked at me as someone who could be influenced.” The FBI has not visited US Congresspersons involved with the government of Ukraine and cautioned them against Ukrainian attempts to steer US foreign policy in their favor.

Rohrabacher recalled that the meeting had focused specifically on the congressman’s interactions with a member of the Russian Foreign Ministry, whom he’d met on a prior visit to Moscow. “They were telling me he had something to do with some kind of Russian intelligence,” Rohrabacher says.

This newest detail comes amid a rapidly unfolding circus-like investigation into “possible” collusion between members of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It also offers new insight into the extent of Russia’s attempts to infiltrate Washington well before Trump’s electoral victory, so says the American press version of “reality.”

Of course absolutely no mention is made in the corrupt American press of Ukrainian attempts to buy candidates like Hillary Clinton and the very real corruption of the US election 2016 by Ukrainian agents of the Poroshenko regime in Kiev. From 2009-2013 Ukrainian oligarch and known Poroshenko patron Viktor Pinchuk provided $29. million dollars to the Clinton “foundation.” During the 2016 election, he pushed another $8.6 million dollars on to the Clintons for exactly what the FBI claims the Russians are up to.

And that is just one example of Ukrainian penetration of US government. The Ukrainian government has 9 registered lobbyists in the United States and spends billions corrupting US congress members annually. There is no “Russian congressional caucus,” but there is a very real US Ukrainian congressional caucus and a US Ukrainian Sentate caucus, whose members recieve millions every year to put Ukrainian policy and priorities, before that of American citizens and cities needs.

Somebody must ask the question, why is American intelligence OK with the open corruption of it’s government, with direct meddling by the foreign power Ukraine and so determined to destroy better US-Russian relations before they can even start?

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