Kiev, Ukraine. It should probably not come as a surprise that the Poroshenko regime is building a museum to honor their defeat in Donbass, but then a corrupt government that is slowly falling apart as one section after another leaves for Russian integration, one can only guess you do the best to camouflage defeats, as victories.

A memorial complex in honor of the participants of the Ukraine’s genocide in the Donbass will be installed near the Pechersk Hills in Kiev, not far from the Motherland Monument as relayed to Vesti newspaper by Anatoly Gaydamaka, a major artist from the National Museum of History of Ukraine during the Second World War. He, according to the publication, will also take part in a competition for the best memorial exposition.

The Ukrainian efforts hope to turn the massive Kiev losses in Donbass into “memorialized victories” in a strange twist of Orwellian doublespeak logic. Kiev has also been one of the few Armies in history to issue medals for defeats at Debaltsevo and the Donetsk Airport campaigns, where thousands of Kiev junta conscripts were killed fighting against local freedom fighters composed of miners, students and citizen volunteers.

The complex, as Gaydamaka explained to reporters, will be created under the name ‘Aggression of Russia’. “This name is approved, but so far it’s just a working title,” he added, explaining also that “the memorial may be placed on a patch near the Upper Moscow gate of the Old Pechersk fortress.”

The memorial to the Donbass defeat, or “victory over Donbass,” will include photos of the children killed by Kiev forces, persons crippled and maimed by the bombing of Donbass. Also a special salute is planned for the terrorist murders of Arseny Pavlov, Mikhail Tolstykh and Alexander Mozgovoi as wel as tributes to various neo Nazi armed batallions killing civilians daily in Donbass.

“Along the path leading from the gate to the museum, an exposition of anti-tank ‘Czech’ devices has already been installed. Russian military equipment which was captured by Kiev soldiers in the Donbass, is on display there as well,” the artist explained.

The memorial, he said, will not consist of “pedestals with figures” or “falling wounded soldiers.” “But there will be symbols and allegories,” Gaydamaka added, clarifying that his “vision of the exposition” lies in “modern cannon shell cases melting into church bells.” “Once, Russian Tsar Peter I removed the bells from churches and melted them into cannons,” the artist explained.

This left critics absolutely speechless as to HOW a supposed Ukrainian memorial was so desperate for its own independent autonomy and patriotic prestige, it reached into the past and could only take inspiration from a Czarist Russian leaders actions and Kievs supposed enemy-Russia.

Previously Ukrainian television reported that on May the 8th, President Petro Poroshenko announced a competition for the best memorial to the Ukrainian soldiers during his speech at the opening of a photo exhibition in the National Museum of the History of Ukraine. At that time the politician also explained that the monument would be created in honor of Ukrainian heroes who gave their lives for freedom, independence, and the territorial integrity of Ukraine, while killing their fellow citizens in Donbass.

A great writer of fiction could not make up the insanity that truly is, the everyday reality of life in a neo-Nazi run Ukraine. To date, over 100,000 people have lost their lives in the Kiev war of aggression upon Donbass.

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