Ukraine says help yourself to child pornography

Ukraine says help yourself to child pornography

Kiev, Ukraine. In the insane world of a US backed corrupt junta on the verge of bankruptcy, implosion and watching major pieces simply breakaway, nothing should surprise. But today comes word that Ukraine will suddenly not punish internet users on forbidden Russian networks and the chief law enforcement officer encouraged Ukrainian citizens to partake of child pornography, completely free from fear of prosecution.

“No Ukrainian citizens will be held accountable for using prohibited Russian social networking sites,” Valentyn Petrov, the head of the information security service at the secretariat of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), said today. Just yesterday Ukrainian authorities threatened to jail its citizens for visiting “unapproved web sites” wil prison and fines, now comes a different version of reality.

“We don’t touch the content, and even if some user gets access to kiddie porn, there are many ways of going around the ban now anyway, various VPN, TOR, you can use them,users will not be punished for it in any way,” Petrov said on the 1 plus 1 TV channel indicating that child pornography is perfectly acceptable in Ukraine, according to the NSDC.

“There will be no punishment even for viewing illegal content on these social networks, such as child pornography, because investigative actions will be impossible in such situations as the servers are located in Russia,” Petrov stated.

The sanctions have been imposed not on the VKontakte or Odnoklassniki services as such, but on the legal entities that own them, but the sanctions envisage restrictions on these companies’ access to public telecommunication networks, Petrov concluded.

International law enforcement experts were thunderstruck, wondering aloud how quickly this “child porn permission post” of Kiev would stand, once their American “partners” and handlers found out about it. The state invitation to review child pornography, is indeed the first time in world history a functional nation’s government has actually encouraged child pornography.


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