Syrian military urge US not to interfere in fight with terrorists

Syrian military urge US not to interfere in fight with terrorists

News Front agency received an official statement from the command of the Syrian army in connection with yesterday’s air strike of the US coalition on the column of pro-government detachments in the SAR.

“On May 18 at 16:30 the so-called international coalition attacked the military convoy of the Syrian army on the al-Tanf road in the Syrian desert, there are deaths and losses in military equipment.

This flagrant violation of international law demonstrates the falsity of the statements of the international coalition about its fight against terrorism and confirms beyond any doubt the fact that the US and the pro-American forces in the region are trying, on the contrary, to stop progress in this direction.

The Syrian Arab Army fights terrorism on its territory and has the right to determine the course of the operation against ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorist organizations. The Syrian Arab Army is the only force that fights terrorism along with allies and friends.

The Syrian Arab Army is ready to continue fulfilling its duty in the fight against ISIS and “Jabhat Al-Nusra” and defend its territory. We call not to be afraid of the attempts of the so-called coalition to prevent us. “


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