Slovakia can become the first country to leave the NATO bloc. At the moment, signatures are being collected around the country under a corresponding petition, the parliamentarians of the “Kotleba” party became the author of which. It is reported that half of the required number of signatures have already been collected.

A spokeswoman for the Kotleba party in an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia said that a referendum on Slovakia’s withdrawal from NATO will be held in the next two years.

“Under the guise of the struggle for human rights and democracy, NATO continues to destroy sovereign states. The military bloc is one of the tools of the US expansion that tries to control the consumer markets and the resources of independent states,” Izvestia cites the politician.

More than 150,000 Slovak citizens from the necessary 350,000 signed up the petition. If the party completes this work to the end, Slovakia can become the first country to leave the military bloc, which it joined in 1999, by the way, without holding a referendum.

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