Brussels, Belgium. In a moment that was supposed to be a triumph for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in obtaining visa rights with the euro zone for his citizens, turned into a diplomatic incident and embarrassment as he was told to,”sit down and shut the hell up,” about his desires for the EU to arrest members of Brussels parliament who visit the Russian Crimean and Donbass regions.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani after the signing ceremony of the decision to implement an EU visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens, the presidential press service reports.

During the meeting, Poroshenko sharply condemned the cases of illegal visits by certain members of the European Parliament to the annexed territories of the Crimea and the Donbass, and asked Tajani not to allow such visits in the future.

At one point the EU head had to remind Poroshenko he was a guest and not the leader of the EU himself saying,” look, try not to spoil this with unrelated crap.” was the statement overheard by two reporters from Tajani to Poroshenko at close range.

Poroshenko has asked the EU to routinely arrest visitors, people who disagree with his government of Facebook and as previously documented, called for the arrest of Eleonora Forenza an Italian member of the EU Parliament who recently visited Donbass with an Italian anti fascist rock band and 50 plus followers.

It was noted that the parties expressed hope for the entry into force of the Association Agreement as the next step after the introduction of visa-free travel. One should note that the agreement does not let broke ass Ukrainians simply hop a train to Europe for a new life or jobs, certain minimum amounts of cash and or property must be held before a Ukrainian can actually go to Europe for whatever reason.

Poroshenko also drew the attention of the head of the European Parliament to Russia’s violation of the Minsk agreements as evidenced by another self created Kiev aggravation of the situation in the Donbass. Again, this drew a sharp rebuke by Tajani, who was seen to dig his fingers into Poroshenko’s forearm and whisper something causing the Ukrainian head of state to moderate his remarks.

Last April, the media reported that large numbers of European politicians and public figures came to the Crimean Russian Republic to participate in the Yalta International Economic Forum, and earlier in March a delegation from Europe and Latin America visited the peninsula also. These visits Kiev considers illegal, despite a 90% public vote to join the Russian Federation by Crimean residents, certified by international elections experts.

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