Kiev, Ukraine. One of the constant demands upon the Poroshenko junta in Kiev, is to deal with the corruption or the world will pull the plug on financing the clown show Kiev has begun. But the most effective tool in stopping the corruption is still laying idle and may never be opened, if Poroshenko and associates get their way.

Recently information of a damning nature emerged on why the Poroshenko regime avoids creating a corruption court system that is independent of the excutive and accountable only to to the Rada, as the NABU anti-corruption prosecution’s proceedings for illicit enrichment against Oleg Lyashko showed no desire by the state to arrest or prosecute the too big to jail leader.

The leader of the Radical Party in the Ukrainian Parliament has an important role in ‘adding votes’ to the Poroshenko bloc and government in coalition activity and is a symbol of the policy of “everything can be bought,” if the price is right in corrupt Kiev.

The President and most of the other upper echelon Ukrainian politicians are deeply unsettled by investigations of the NABU anti-corruption bureau. As public opinion welcomes such investigations, nobody publicly can really denounce them. The main hope of the oligarchs is to block them in the local court system currently in place.

This past April the court once again returned without bringing charges in the case of the previous Minister of Economy Lithuanian Aivaras Aabromavicius in appointing corrupt heads to state enterprises. The case was investigated by the anti-corruption Bureau and prosecution a whole year ago. Yet still, despite clear evidence of Aivaras Abromavicius’s guilt, nobody has done a thing about it.

Just lying motionless in the parliamentary Rada legal committee, which is headed by Porohenko puppet Ruslan Knyazevich, is the draft law on the formation of the Anti-Corruption Court, introduced by Rada MPs back in February of 2017.

The lawmakers proposed to create a court for sanctioning and sentencing in the Anti-Corruption Bureau and Anti-Corruption Prosecution’s investigations. The judges are to be selected with the participation of the US, the EU and the UK to ensure impartiality of the selection process. It was considered crucial to make this announcement as soon as possible for Ukrainian society to see that corruption investigations lead to a legitimate punishment of the top officials.

These efforts have all been blocked by Poroshenko and his oligarch allies in the Rada seeking to extend the rape of Ukraine for every last second possible and then devise new methods to go under the radar of the systems of accountability they eventually have to create, or risk the IMF cutting off all welfare funding Ukraine survives on.

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