Photos of monument signs in Hungarian that were installed at the entrance to Berehovsky and Vinogradovsky districts of Transcarpathian region appeared in the network. In total, the Hungarian community installed 4 such signs in their native language, local media reported.

In Hungarian it is written: “Vinogradovsky district, the Hungarians greet you” and “Beregovsky district: the edge of the Hungarian language”. The installation of the signs was initiated by the leaders of the Hungarian community of Transcarpathia Mikhail Tovt and Joseph Borto. They stated that “These signs are a symbol of the struggle of the Hungarians for their national autonomy”.

The deputy head of the Transcarpathian Regional Council, the head of the KMKS party Joseph Borto, in connection with the implementation of the project, said:

“We believe that Hungarians in Ukraine already have autonomy, however we just don’t call it that way. We have our schools, kindergartens and higher educational institutions. We can use our own language and the current law of Ukraine allows us these rights, which we want to continue to have. But there are some political forces that violate the Constitution and the agreements that Ukraine has signed and neglecting the interests of the national minorities of Ukraine, wishes to narrow down the rights that we have today”.

The head of the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Ukraine, Mikhail Tovt, also supported efforts to uphold the rights of national minorities.

“We need to defend our rights for our language, our monuments and our national autonomy”, Tovt said.

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