The German parliament adopted a package of laws on Thursday that will harden rules for asylum seekers who try to dodge deportation or commit crimes in Germany.

“Our stance is clear: help and integration for those in need of protection, firmness and deportation for those who don’t need it and in particular those who cheat and commit offenses,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said on Twitter.

The new rules, published on the Bundestag’s website, are aimed at speeding up expulsions by allowing authorities to access data stored on electronic devices of undocumented migrants to verify their identities.

Those who will be caught lying about their identity or background may be held at reception centers as long as it needs to process their applications.

The bill will also impose stricter rules on violent migrants and those deemed a security risk. They will be required to wear ankle monitors, while detention time pending their deportation will be extended to a maximum of ten days.

Germany took in 890,000 immigrants during the crisis year of 2015. The Interior Ministry said arrivals dropped to 280,000 in 2016, but it is still struggling to clear a backlog of applications, while addressing security issues related to migrants’ stay in the country.

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