Professor of Moscow State University, Doctor of Political Sciences Andrei Manoilo, in conversation with the “Economy Today” noted that while it is impossible to put a sign of identity between this situation and the missile strike of the US Navy on the Syrian government airfield “Shayrat”.

“This incident is controversial because the Americans did not strike the Syrian army, but the units that recognize the power of President Assad, and this happened in the de-escalation zone for which the US is directly responsible,” says Manoilo.

In this regard, it should be noted that the forces of President Assad are not only from the units of the government army, but also from the detachments of the Lebanese Hezbollah, as well as the forces of private military companies and volunteer forces made up of Iranian citizens.

“Various armed forces, including volunteers from Iran, which is also in a state of civil war, fight on the side of Assad. Incidentally, such formations consist mainly of Hazaras. Therefore, the military coalition led by Damascus is a very motley force of various armed groups, one of which had been struck yesterday by the US Air Force”, concludes Manoilo.

Another thing, it can not be denied the fact that the US Air Force struck a blow in that part of the territory of Syria that belongs to their formal zone of responsibility under the de-escalation treaty.

Thus, this incident must be dealt with, and first of all, by the fact whether the US actions correspond to those agreements that were signed in Syria.

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