Lugansk hosts Russian Donbass integration event

Lugansk, LNR. A follow up conference to the Donbass Integration with the Russian Federation was held today in the Lugansk People’s Republic. Officials from a wide variety of regions attended, all intent upon their homelands ascension to the Russian Federation as an end goal.

The International Scientific and Practical Conference “Recognition of States and Governments: Problems and Prospects, Barriers and Opportunities” attracted participation of guests from the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the People’s Democratic Republic of South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Nagorno-Karabakh started today in the capital of the People’s Republic of Lugansk.

During the first stage of the conference in Lugansk, the topic of the institution of recognition in international law will be discussed: the problem of defining a strategy, contradictions in the implementation of tactics, as well as the legal policies of states.

“The topic is declared quite serious – one conference is indispensable here. Today it is important to hear the opinion of experts. There are two points of view – political and legal, and most importantly – to find common ground for these opinions.

Conference participants heard from a variety of heads of state, all in agreement that today it is very important to move towards official recognition by the Russian Federation.

A few days ago in Donetsk there was held a meeting of the Russia-Donbass Integration Committee. This is a serious social movement that will allow us to integrate the territory of Donbass in the fields of culture, sport, economy and politics.

As a State Duma deputy, I would like us to be united together politically, on how to do this unification legally, we should think about it and discuss this together, “commented the head of the conference, State Duma deputy, coordinator of the Integration Committee” for Russia-Donbass “Andrei Kozenko.


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